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Mehrnoush is as gentle as she is tough – the perfect balance for teaching a variety of students. Her sensitivity when offering adjustments is often just what I need to help me relax into a pose. Despite her ashtanga background, she exudes a tender energy in her classes that allow students to focus on the moment, focus on the breath. I highly recommend this strong yogi’s class! Laura A

Mehrnoush is an amazing yoga instructor. She sees yoga much more than a series of physical activity which makes her yoga class unique. At the end of each class I have a feeling of achievement as well as being extremely relaxed.
Mehrnoush is very knowledgeable about performing the poses that are most beneficial for your body and your level. She tailors her class to your needs and level and guides you throughout the practice. She designs the practice so that you work toward a complex pose. At the end of the class if you are ready, you may be able to perform a pose that didn’t know was possible for you at the beginning of the class.
She makes you perform poses correctly and don’t hurt yourself. Also she helps you with your poses by adjusting your pissed. After taking her class for a while I was able to perform higher level poses easily. I recommend Mehrnoush as a yoga instructor regardless of your level. Sahar M

Mehrnoush is an insightful yogi and yoga teacher. I had some classes with her in Sender One gym and learned a lot about my poses and breathing. She pays close attention to the each student and gives very useful feedback to her class participants. Mehrnoush usually goes beyond working only mechanics of moves and spent time to teach about breathing and mindfulness aspects of Yoga. I plan to take her class again to work on my flexibility and coordination for beach volleyball and surfing.

Maziar G

Peaceful and Strong describe Mehr when you know her, the same is true of her teaching style. Her sincerity is apparent during her class, and her skill to observe and ability to assist students create a positive holistic experience. And she smiles often!

Sunshine D