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Registration for Lotus 1 (July 14-15, 2018)

To register for this event, fill out the form below and click on the submit button. Once submission is confirmed then click on the PAY NOW button below the form to make your payment. Your space at this event will not be reserved until payment is made.

Location: Sender One Gym in Santa Ana

Cancellation Policy:

  • Participants are responsible for coming to and ending their sessions/workshops on time and are fully responsible for the total fees of workshops and sessions.
  • Cancellations made 10 days or more in advance of an event date will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 4-10 days will incur 20% fee. Cancellations made within 4 days to the event will incur a 50% fee.
  • Participants are responsible for the full fee for all missed sessions/workshops unless they notify Meher Yoga within the allotted period, via Voice Message or Email.
  • Participants will be informed when their appointment is set and agree to be bound by the NO CANCELLATION policy. Participants information are confidential except where authorized in writing or as required by law.